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Rofil's Roof $RR has uniquely bullish tokenomics designed to inspire long term holding of the token. The starting supply of $RR was 1,000,000 Rofil's Roof tokens, at the time of writing this, the supply is now ~1,100,000 - It will likely be different by the time you're reading this. $RR is coded to inflate in supply from 1,000,000 to 10,000,000 for the first 360 days of it's existence. After the relatively high inflation period of the first 360 days, $RR will from then on mint for an additional nine years, but this time, only minting $RR till the max supply of 21,000,000 is reached. At this time, the minting will cease and $RR will have established itself as an early OG meme coin, a piece of history in this blockchain we call PulseChain. If you don't see your balance increasing, don't worry - $RR only mints in each individual's wallet when they transact with the token (e.g. transfer or sell). At the time you submit a $RR transaction, your transaction will go through as intended, but you'll be sent the additional $RR tokens you were owed for holding during the time you did. Ontop of these bullish tokenomics, the additional game theory of the Charity Address having recieved 36.9% of the supply, and observing their actions on the blockchain, seeing them add liquidty and support the building of Rofil's Roof speaks volumes to the community is being built here. In addition to this, the developer of Rofil's Roof is an avid collector of all 414 tokens, he tracks 414 each and every day, and has learnt alot about the wonderful things liquidity and Hearts Law can do when applied correctly. This is just the beginning. Join us, and help us build the strongest, decentralised roof that will act as a shelter for all of our PulseChain family.


Like what we are doing? Want to support the cause? Want to know more? Send us a message today and see how we can work together to build Rofil's Roof bigger every day! You can contact us at rofilsroof@gmail.com

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